Tibetan protest

Tibetan protest

Chinese military confront anti-mining demonstrators near Shetongmen, Shigatse, central Tibet

Tibetans can be locked away for years for a simple phone-call, email or blog entry—or even singing a song—that questions official Chinese policy or actions. Given this context, it is incredible that Tibetans would dare to stage a public protest. As these news stories show, Tibetans are prepared to make a stand on mining—and the wanton destruction of Tibet's environment—at great personal risk.

The story of Zatoe, part 3 The story of Zatoe, part 5

A rare victory for Tibetans from the region of Dzatoe, in Amdo. They managed to prevent a Chinese mining company from moving in and exploiting their land. Comic strip created by Tibet Action Institute, NY. Click to enlarge.

Chinese soldiers dealing with Tibetan protest

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